Jun 21 2013
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Last of Us Multiplayer Errors

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So I love the Last of Us game, both campaign and the multiplayer. Just two issues though; a lot of the time I go to enter the multiplayer lobby it those error messages: error downloading config file, error syncing levels and error connecting to ticket network. Apparently no solution to this problem? :/


THEN when I finally get into the multiplayer lobby, join a game. It lags, kicks me from the game and then all my survivors in my clan get sick and die because it counts as a day! So unbelieveably frustrating. Would be cool to have the dropped games not counted as days and those damned error messages fixed.


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Re: Last of Us Multiplayer Errors

Jun 21, 2013

Maybe your internet connection isn't good enough? I never had any of those problems.

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Re: Last of Us Multiplayer Errors

Jun 21, 2013

My most hated thing is when the host disconnects, you get sick people and hungry people and lose your mission stats and it counts as a day >_> that is not fair in any possible way. What happened to host migration??????????????

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Re: Last of Us Multiplayer Errors

Mar 27, 2014

I really love this game & found a Quick Solution...hope Naughty Dog can fix this networking problem....

Playing The last of Us Multiplayer...Quick Fix..(Phi)

If you cant go online with The Last of Us I found a quick fix....

First of all you need a black ops II game activate and open port...

1. Insert Black Ops II CD Game and Play Multiplayer for 1 game...

2. After the Game Eject Black ops II this will open your network port for PSN.

3. Now insert The Last of Us CD game and go to Faction (Multiplayer Mode)

4. The game will now be connecting to multiplayer game....Because maybe Black Ops II have open the port...

5.Just incase the router reboots again you have to do it again...from step 1 to 4

I dont know if this would work with your network & PS3 but it did work for



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