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Re: ***Last of Us 2 Rumor!!!***

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Feb 15, 2014

renatabls wrote:

TheNobleSquirrel wrote:

renatabls wrote:

I believe we won't be seeing a TLoU 2 until after 2015.


And i want more Ellie, less Joel, more Ellie.

Both characters play very well off of each other, Ellie would become quite boring if she didn't have Joel to support her, and vice versa.

The DLC had little to no Joel (hell, even Callus played a bigger role Smiley Tongue) & i still enjoyed it.


ND could simply create a new character, make a sequel where Ellie is all grown up and Joel is dead. Smiley Embarassed

But that's the whole thing! Joel was still in there! That's what made me enjoy the DLC a whole lot more! (Callus did play a bigger role though Smiley Tongue ) Joel....dead? I'm sorry, you just killed a small part of me, inside..

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