Jun 06 2014
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Just listening to the soundtrack

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And it still gives me chills, bringing back so many feels...


I still have yet to play TLoU on Grounded to get back to 100% but I am scared. When just listening to the tunes [well to be fair, they bring back the memories] does this to you, what will playing the game do?


Whenever I've completed The Last of Us or LB, I always fell empty and down for some time. The fact that the story is so captivating and emotional just always leaves its mark on me when I am finished with it...


No matter how long a break it is, it always comes back with any TLoU related memory, be it the game, the story or the soundtrack.


Anyone else? Smiley Embarassed

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Re: Just listening to the soundtrack

Jun 6, 2014
I like All Gone Seasons the best.

The choice (violin version) is also up there.


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Re: Just listening to the soundtrack

Jun 9, 2014

The Choice


yeehaw i'm a cowboy now
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