Aug 02 2014
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Just Thank you.

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Really. From everyone at Naughty dog. THIS is why I play video games. To experience this. To feel this. To enjoy this. The story is looking into humanity best and worse akin to the movie based off real life events of Schindler's List.

It was easier to enjoy (though the cannibals was.. um.. yeah) then the other movie because it was based off real life where this can be enjoyed for it's content without the guilt of seeing such real life tragedies.


It does make me think of other countries where such cruel and unusual things can be part of everyday life in other countries while most of the time citizens of the States are safely (relatively) at home and in a country where such things are normaly a very rare ordeal. (except to those who experienced it.)


The gma emade me think. Not cerebally but emtionally and firguratively. Thanks for the game. really. Look forward to the movie and maybe someday a sequal? I'd like to see their story continue someday if you can make it work with the same quality.

Oh and if you do give it a good ending. Hope is always a cherished thing and the game isnt real anyways.

"Mercy is a luxury that I am too cheap to invest in."
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