Jun 12 2013
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Issue with the commercial

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If you haven't noticed, a new commercial for the game has been playing all over the TV. It's a shortened version of the Launch Trailer. My problem with the trailer is it only shows one review, which reads: "An Incredible Journey." If I was the one who made the commercial, I would flash all of the perfect scores the game got, and then show: "Masterpiece!", "The best game of this generation.", "Storytelling don't get much better than this.", so on and so on. 


Would anyone else prefer this? I know this is such a small issue, but it was just something I wanted off my chest, even if it is minor. I think it would catch people's eyes for sure. Love ya Naughty Dog.

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Re: Issue with the commercial

Jun 12, 2013

Yeah, that'd probably be a little better in terms of marketing. It's fine, though.

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