Jun 26 2013
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Ideas for TLOU DLC?

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What are some ideas of some DLC you guys would like to see? 

For me:

1.  More clothing for Multiplayer customization. 

2.  Ability to take the scope off of the Hunting Rifle in Multiplayer.

3.  Possible add-on for the single player campaign.

4.  Horde mode for Multiplayer. C'mon, this would be awesome and you know it. 

5.  Different 'skins' for Joel & Ellie, maybe a 'young Joel' in single player. 

Agree or disagree? 

What are some of your ideas for a DLC, whether it be for multiplayer or single player? 

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Re: Ideas for TLOU DLC?

Jun 26, 2013

Completely agree with the 'Horde Mode' idea. Don't know why they didn't release this type of mode at launch but knowing ND's history (UC2's Siege patch and 3's Shade survival) they probably are developing one, whether it be free or paid for. 


On top of all your ideas:


1. More maps, an obvious one, but still


2. Increased features and less restrictions in private matches. No autobalancing(me and some friends were trying to do 3 v 1 matches but the game autobalances it at 2v2). also, options in time limit, life stock, filler a.i. bots, etc


3. Hybrid Mode. it's like supply raid but with Infected thrown into the bunch every now and then. 4 vs 4 vs Infected


4. Infection Mode. 7 players are humans, 1 is an Infected. the infected first starts as a runner and its a two hit kill. once they get a kill, they upgrade to a stalker (still 2 hit kill but run more quietly), get another kill and they become a clicker (one hit kill). the humans have two respawns each. once they run out they spawn as an Infected themselves, but they can't upgrade into higher versions, only the Alpha infected can to keep it fair. this game mode would have rounds so as to let others be teh alpha infected



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Re: Ideas for TLOU DLC?

Jul 1, 2013
I like these ideas, thanks for the message. Hybrid mode sounds interesting.
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