Aug 12 2013
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Ideas for Sequel and even 3rd release

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This game started really slow to me in the beggining, but as i went on, the caracters grew very much on me, and the ending twist left me amazed on how great potential this franchise has


Here are some ideas for additionnal games. :


- Where the virus came from :

We all saw what the virus does to people. But how did it start ? i say maybe Elie's parents have something to do with it since she is immune.  People from the fireflies could know that, as well as any remaing branch of the government. They could chase them to get the "cure", or simply because they believe Elie knows information on what her parents did.


- Others Like Elie


Our two heroes could meet with others Like Elie who are immune, and live in a community somewhere hidden. searching for a cure. The camp could get attacked and Elie Could be cought. Joel would go after them, probably aided by a new caracter. Meanwhile, Elie's captors could find out what is so special about her.


- Elie Runs off when finds out what Joel did


The most probable of ideas is that Elie eventually runs off from Joel after finding out what he did to the fireflies. She could be the number one caracter, a little older of course. And she could start a quest to find that cure, and find out more about why she is immune. Joel could be just behind her often, searching for her. and at the end of the game or maybe before, he could save her.



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Re: Ideas for Sequel and even 3rd release

Aug 12, 2013

According to Bruce and Neil, the journey about finding the cure is over, so that might be out of the question. But the government involved in a sequel could be interesting. Though to be honest, I'd just be happy with the SP DLC bringing closure to the main game. That could be achieved by making any character the protagonist (not including Joel or Ellie) and making the ending tie in with the ending of the main game, showing the current state of Joel and Ellie. Then I'd be happy.

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