Jul 12 2013
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Idea for The last of us 2.

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I am a big fan of The last of us. I have completed The campaign and am halfway through with completing it again on survivor. I have done much research into The making and about The last of us I have seen The ant video and have read The three comics that are already out. I am even watching movies and reading books "The Road" due to many people referring it to The last of us. The game The last of us was a very emotional compelling experience for me and im sure for others too. The game was great and same with The ending......BUT it left sooo many open windows! Joel left out on a lie. Things I thought were What happens next? Does Ellie know The truth?

do they survive?

how do they survive? and sooo much more!

I even purchased The season pass for The single player dlc and watched plenty of youtube videos to see if I can find any information.

how ever all I found was disbelieve I hears plenty of rumors saying The NaughtyDog has no plans in making The last of us 2 due to The fact The Joel and ellies story has already has been completed. No it has not! 

Just one idea for number 2 could be to make a open world game kind of like GTA and have you start with some low supplies and a sort of "safe house" i.e. Tommy's and have that you have to go out and fetch supplies to live and The longer you live The more points you get. I know its a whole different point from The first. But I thought it would Just be kind cool. Or even you could do Just a dlc like that for The first The last of us as a perk and do a second game starting at Tommy's and Tommy's place soon overruns with infected Or hunters and Joel, ellie, Tommy, and Maria set off onto a journey and on The way run into The fireflies who are looking for Ellie specifically. and do a whole plot running off of that. im sure you can do something NaughtyDog please dont dissapoint millions by leaving open windows........ please close them! The A/C is on.,



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Re: Idea for The last of us 2.

Jul 12, 2013

Great idea i think that the second part where tommys gets overruned is a better idea. and in my experience i too feel the same way about the ending and i hope and pray that naughty dog makes another and as you say "closes the windows"

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Re: Idea for The last of us 2.

Jul 12, 2013

Love the idea except I don't think it should be an open world game like GTA, I think it's perfect the way it is and matches the game. But yeah the idea about Tommy & Maria's town getting overrun is great and I would definitely buy the game if it was related to something like that, as long as Joel and Ellie are still in it (of course) and it's still emotional like the first game. Smiley Happy

“The worlds been hard on us…hard on him. Joel’s done some terrible things. He tells me that on this journey, you either hang on to your morals and die, or do whatever it takes to survive.”
— Ellie (The Last of Us)
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