Jun 15 2013
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I started a high quality walkthrough of The Last of Us - Would mean so much if you checked it out :)

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Hey guys, I started a TLoU walkthrough on youtube. I strive for high quality in all my videos and I try to keep commentary to a minimum while playing so it's there but not over done and annoying.

It's really hard to get any sort of exposure on youtube these days for this kind of stuff so it would mean so so much to me if you guys would check it out. I am very grateful to every single view I get or subscriber and this is something I really love doing. Any support aimed my way is appreciated more than you could ever know. 


I will leave the first part of it below and would love some feedback or reaction on it. If you hate this stuff then I apologise sincerely for wasting your time. For any of you who watch or would like to watch I just wanna say thank you Smiley Happy


**Video contains intro spoilers, do NOT watch if you haven't played it yet**

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