Jul 19 2013
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I am so in love with Naughty Dog...

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I have created this thread to pronounce my undying love for Naughty Dog. 

Naughty Dogs, you guys are AMAZING! Beyond AMAZING! And so NAUGHTY at the same time! Lol! You continue to make masterpieces over and over again. You never disappoint! And you never will!



And for this very reason, I will be buying the PS4. Just to support and play Naughty Dog games! Naughty Dog is a perfect reason to get a PS4. I'm sticking with ND forever and ever! I love your games! And now I shall buy every single game you guys make in the future. I'm a true dedicated fan and I will always be with you ND! 




Naughty Dogs FOREVER!! Heart

Video Game Developers of the CENTURY!! 

ND is the greatest of all time. OF ALL TIME. 

I really appreciate all the hard work you guys put into your video games.

It really shows. You guys stand out above all the other Video Game Developers and I honestly believe you will continue to do that over and over again and forever and ever! I really love your work. Congratulations to everyone at Naughty Dog for all the success you have received! Not only with The Last Of Us but with the Uncharted and Jak  and Daxter series as well!

I love you guys!!




Sorry if this was posted on the wrong thread. Idk where else to put it lol.

There should be a new board called the ND Appreciation board haha.

Seriously... I could keep going and going and going on about how much I love ND.. but then it'd turn into an essay so I'll just stop here with one final note....



 Naughty Dog, you guys are simply amazing. Incredible. Superhumans. I love everything you do. You guys are the best!

I look forward to your future projects!

Naughty Dogs Forever!!







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Re: I am so in love with Naughty Dog...

Jul 19, 2013

I think ND needs to get a restraining order now....

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