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Re: How many times did you have to beat the SP in order to get the platinum trophy?

Aug 7, 2013
It's weird to see posts complaining about having to play the game extra times and yet going for trophies. I won't lie, I am going for the trophies and am enjoying every minute of it. Even the MP has become the best online experience I've had yet. I usually hate those trophies and while I'm still a ways from getting them, I am looking forward to future time online.

To answer the original question, it took me three playthroughs to get all the SP trophies:
Survivor +

I wish I hadn't been so trophy oriented, as it would give me an excuse to play yet again. Don't worry though, after my MP trophies are earned I have every intention of playing the greatest game of all time again and again (while still clocking in MP hours now and then).
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