Jun 20 2013
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How about an arcade mode?

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I just beat the Last of Us this afternoon and it is hands down the greatest game I've ever witnessed in my lifetime. The story was amazing and gameplay was incredible. Whilst the game does have some replayability with the + modes and survivor difficulty, I feel as though they could achieve replayability with an arcade mode similar to Max Payne 3's.


I feel the same way about the story mode as I do Uncharted 2's, I love going back and playing it but only certain segments and I usually quit once I pass them. I want an arcade mode that I can always come back to. Something simple, like pick a map, wipe 'em out in the best way you can, whatever way you can. The game could strip you of supplies, give you painful handicaps such as no listening mode or the match is lost if you are spotted. They could also introduce co-op into this mode as well seeing as how it's lacking in the multiplayer.


I'd also like it if they utilised the Ellie gameplay furthermore through this. I loved her segment, being vulnerable yet capable at the same time was great fun. The enemies were also much more confident when charging you and that made the gameplay so much more intense.


I don't really expect ND to do this but if it got enough support there's a chance they might.

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