Jun 18 2013
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HELP - Game ending glitch (Spoiler)

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I am currently stuck in Part 33 - Lakeside Resort, and I am not sure how to "un-glitch" it so that I may continue without having to restart the entire game.


I am currently in the burning cabin, fighting the leader guy (sorry, forgot his name) with only a knife. During the fight, he ended up killing me. The game restarts from the last checkpoint, which puts me in the burning building, but the boss guy is no longer there to fight. I am now running around an empty building with no exit and no boss to fight. According to other sources online, the game should of switched back to Joel gameplay.


I have attempted loading the last known save and restarting the game. Any help on how to either get the game to advance, or for the boss to show back up would be VERY helpful. Right now I am completely stuck, and while this game is amazing, unwilling to start from the beginning again.


Please help.

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Re: HELP - Game ending glitch (Spoiler)

Jun 18, 2013
!!! Please ignore - After running around for about 15 min he showed back up. May of been me or something, not sure. But all is good now.
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Re: HELP - Game ending glitch (Spoiler)

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Jun 18, 2013

You just got Nolan North'd. Smiley Tongue

In order to beat David, you need to knife him 3 times in the back. Since he isn't there anymore, if possible, reload the chapter and go back to the fight. If you can do that, of course.

By this, try going to the chapters sections and reloading the most recent chapter you have. See if that fixes it when you return to the David battle.


*EDIT* I, uh... guess you can ignore this... Smiley Indifferent

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