Jun 30 2013
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Greatest thing about The Last of Us?

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I've gone on a thread-creation spree lately, sorry about that. Smiley Tongue

However, don't be a jerk and spoil parts, would you? Smiley Wink



 What did you like the most in The Last of Us? The game got 10/10's all around, but what did/do you like in the game? More than one thing can be named. Smiley Happy


I personally liked character-wise and gameplay-wise those Optional Conversations and fluent dialogue in battles or such. This includes that Ellie or Joel talk about some of the notes/comics/artifacts... and things you discover in the world. Plus bravo to well-done cinematics.


I also liked friendly A.I, was relatively original to have them actually help otherwise than just shooting them enemies. Not much to dislike in enemy AI either, just some strange events occurring.


Plus of course story/graphics/gameplay/soundtrack blah-blah all that normally credited stuff. Character development was excellent too...


I think the entire game deserves 10 out of 10 WinterEdit Points and the stamp of Best PlayStation 3™/PlayStation Exclusive from me. This coming from a person that has had PS2 ever since it was released, and it being the first console I've had.


I have acquired the grade of Master in The Last of Us story/character/game knowledge as I have played it through 9 times.

... I have no life.
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Re: Greatest thing about The Last of Us?

Jun 30, 2013

Feelings dude, feelings and emotions.  Smiley Happy

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