Mar 26 2014
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Give me my money back

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Hello Naughty Dog.


I bought the season pass for The Last of Us on day one. Products advertised for pre-ordering Left Behind DLC were the American Dreams comic and a theme. Season pass holders couldn't pre-order Left Behind even if they wanted to because it was included.


As soon as Left Behind was made available for pre-ordering I asked if pass holders would be receiving the bonuses too. This was confirmed by an employee.


So this leaves me with one question. Could you guys either deliver what was promised or refund my money?

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Re: Give me my money back

Mar 26, 2014

Maybe you should call them rather than asking this on some users on general forums.... Smiley Tongue

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Re: Give me my money back

Mar 26, 2014

Well, you're right to be angry about them just kinda ignoring the season pass holders - the ones that technically pre-ordered the pre-order before it was even pre-order-able. But asking for a refund? I don't think that's fair.


I've been more than satisfied with what we've receieved so far with Left Behind, so I can at least be patient with what we were 'promised'. But honestly, I don't think it's even worth it. A theme and a digital comic? Just look up the entire American Dreams series on youtube and snag what may even be a better theme than theirs off of

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Re: Give me my money back

Mar 27, 2014

If only they read this forum....


Or maybe they do but we already know how much they ignore us (by not giving the bonuses?!).

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