Jun 14 2013
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Game misses outer edges

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Today I downloaded the 1.01 patch and started a new game on survivor. I got a review copy last week, so I already finished the game on normal and started a new game +. I played for about two hours and had to go to work, so I shut the console off.


Something must've went wrong, because when I start the game now, it misses the outer edges, like it's zoomed in or something. Deleting game data and save games doesn't work. Other games don't have this problem. The PS menu is bigger as well when I enter it in-game. With The Last of Us completely shut down, everything's back to normal.


Additionally, it didn't autosave my progress, my save game put me halfway through the prologue.


Didn't have this problem before. Is it because of the patch? Did I accidentally turn my console off while auto-saving? Can I play this game again (no fun when the HUD is invisible and a big part of the screen is missing)?

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Re: Game misses outer edges

Jun 14, 2013

Hello Kobus. Is there any way you can post a picture of what is happening?


Also is it possible the system got reset to a lower resolution or a different aspect ratio?

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