Jul 31 2013
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From huge fans of The Last of Us and Naughty Dog

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Hey Naughty Dog,


I recently sent this in to GameRevolution (my favorite game review site for the last 12 years) and they posted it to their twitter, and I asked myself why I hadn't sent it to you guys. You made perhaps one of the most emotionally engaging games I have ever played in my life and I absolutely loved "The Last of Us" from start to finish, as well as every single Uncharted game. I am sending you this link as a huge thanks for making such an awesome game, you guys deserve any accolades your recieve, I hope you enjoy. (personally, I think my cousin captured a pretty awesome Ellie!) The info section explains the story of why we even decided to do it, it was a fun time indeed.


Cheers and I am excited to see what amazing games you can conjure up next!

Huge Fans

Ben and Roz


The Last of Us - Real Life (fan video)




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