Jul 06 2013
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Freezing PS3 not able to start game. PS3 Slim. Temp fix

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Hi. Just today, TLOU started freezing and unable to start a game. No problems until and I have the 1.02 update they released. The menu audio would sometimes cut out, it would wash out in light the window on the title screen, and freeze when got to 95.75% loaded. The PS3 would do the beep freeze.


The only solution I found is that I just removed the 1.02 update and it now loads fine. LIke I said it was working before but this morning just started doing this. I have a PS3 slim so no overheating issues. 


To do this just erase your game profile data (not the saved game data) and then when you start and it asks to update hit "cancel" and proceed. Fixed. 


Hopefully they get it fixed but I doubt it. Seems isolated to only a few of us. Looks like no multiplayer for me. 



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