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For " The Last of Us ".

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I did not have such a form that can be sent to thoughts with other to the official website of the Japanese, and has translated mechanically into English from Japanese.
Sorry for confusing or, if there is a rude English.

It was interesting in general.
Slightly, because there was no description tutorial at ( Sakuchu or there is no way to switch to a striking weapon if you are holding a such as bottle brick and, for a while after obtaining a striking weapon, and in front of the enemy the other...... has been rolled beaten and confused Te ), the movement of the partners of AI behavior, or of feel unnatural a robotic occasionally, while quiet atmosphere that does not interfere with the play and the compactness of the graphic it was able to say there the good of the music that creates the story firmly, that it was fun except for the darkness of the story.
It is not good to talk hopeless personally.
Background can understand in Sakuchu, but fellow travelers that attack under the guise of such injured, was not in the mood may seem to glimpse the nature of people.
Good personality, human sensibility close to the so-called good, it is also, as has been pointed vividly when he not survive under the circumstances an extreme.
Only fine skill is not supposed to live, or you know, but I remember the resistance not a little to be carried out acts of them by the operation of the player in the game as entertainment.

I think is a good work, a series of scenes and expand like a movie almost, also or not than there is not much need for a game, I thought a little.
By character to the player's operation, you can be by action principles fundamental to have of organisms called to live, an act that is not forgiven in a normal view of the world, to experience a pseudo It think that's game mechanics only certainly you, but I thought also or not than may be like can change the outcome and development of middle range a change Oyoboseru by the actions and flexible thinking of the player.

It was very disappointing While it is well done, such as system or surface graphics, fine coarse 's conspicuous.
Surface of the negative of the human race that are being hunted down as a species in the story basis is seems to be emphasized, can be convinced with no choice to live, but will be disconsolate mood with a series of things you do not want a good honest mood.
I think there is a natural, but that there is no salvation in easy view of the world is basis, and melancholy.

However, imperfections in the system plane is seen in many places, when displayed simultaneously with the Japanese audio subtitles, for example, localized, or was the procedure for displaying that are not aware of while it is in speech, the utterance voice you do not have it ( not yet heard also it is, but there were also those that are not spoken for sure ) you can not see the caption to the timing of the speech is or has been around, inconsistency is was noticeable.
I think part feel incongruous is vaguely though it is a good long-awaited work also many graphics is also the fine generally, but with what was be hard to say if the object or lacking in a particular point of view even more, it is interesting without complaint.
Just be the game of the TPS perspective of this kind of recently, shadow is very beautiful.
There was also a portion that is just a little flicker, or grasp the dots, but there was very good because it was sophistication that is generally satisfactory.

Dissatisfaction points below, I noticed while playing.

・ display timing of the Japanese subtitles funny.
Immediately after leaving the hideout of Hunter of chapter 5, there was a scene where Joel praise that Erie was blow the whistle, but the order of voice when and Japanese subtitles are displayed at that time did not match.
I think from time to time, such as the timing of the subtitles because we saw the place there too funny not, and want to improve by all means.
Will not think that or is displayed on the display of the prologue and after "20 years " and " summer " is also so as to overlap with the English, if you want to be involved in the display position, display appropriately display the basic method of subtitle display it seems to just be.
In addition, and even displays without leaving a figure between subtitles and " between " exist or if new line position is hard to read and Tari was in the middle of a speech, the speech of Japanese, precision about the subtitle appears considerably lower directly below.

・ There is the case that is to be displayed as Japanese subtitles, it does not talk as a voice.
We were forgotten somewhere specifically, but the difference is to being displayed in the subtitle to far more words (such as survivors and NPC) enemies far away can not hear, and Ya test of supposed to be a short distance I had to even if it is not spoken as a voice lines of Erie is, even though it is displayed in the subtitle, but this will do a bug ?

・ I do not notice such as Tess and Erie is on, but the camera clearly in view of ( survivors and military ) enemy is unnatural.
And behavioral assessment of the situation and selection ability of partners is reflected in unnatural.
There is a part that seems robotically and some partners of AI operation, the movement of the enemy alive not the infected person, it will be withered even narrative to game basis.
Are either not aware of the field of view of the enemy, and ran To flap enemy though approaching to close range or if it is not noticed in 're in sight of the enemy survivors of the above, even when the partner we hide in the shadows etc. or hidden Te, contrary to the sophistication of the graphics, and I felt it was a lousy possible action logic of character.
You can not me avoid Joel is also trying to move in the direction of such as Erie coming towards more of Joel in a narrow passage, during the search and Sam who, when you move it jumped without using stairs Joel out of the house, it was dissatisfaction partners is or came running at great speed that does not usually, unnatural behavior is seen Leave.
During the time of chasing fled Erie is robbing horse power plant, Tommy is stopped at a dead end, and pulled away to a large extent go to fork in the road that lies ahead you go back a little, Umanoashi is the air with incredible speed the coming slipped to kick also it was unnatural.

・ There is that the object of close range disappear unnaturally.
After I met Marlene, there is an explosion in the distance a little, but if you move to track the Marlene then, taking the distance while watching the shadow of the bay window portion of the second from the front side of the roof on the right side, shadow part of you missing.
Also, in places like parking lot of chapter 5, after weathered the three survivors who had shot the bird, some place of the stepped part of the wall which is near the right-hand side is lost, the car from above perspective look down, and is moved to the left and right point of view, there is an angle the front part of the car that the underlying lack.
In addition, even in places such as underground waterways after seeing the giraffe, and get off the step while looking at the hole overlooking the blue sky above from the duct of the fire truck side, falling I see the clouds, but after I got off the I will remain the clouds disappeared.

・ The light is drawn, lamps, and other flame slip through the object.
It is attacked after obtaining a car in the city of building but, looking at the bed of a car tail lamp is flashing at that time, it appears light red tail lamp is transmitted through to the loading platform.
In addition, after the Erie has fainted at the restaurant mark the time of the winter, the player character will change to Joel, but where the flame is hawk in drums on the container of the track at that time, and in a container below beginning it's dark, but there is a scene in which the flame of the drums that are on the top you approach and be drawn up within the container, unnatural drawing is for light.
Also when you rescue the Erie from Firefly in the medical facility on the floor and pillar in the middle of the wall, light attached to the gun 's drawn to pass through the walls it was unnatural.

・ If you have defeated the enemy with a Molotov cocktail in the water, sound and fire smoke, such as those smoldering enemy defeating even in the submerged to.
I think if you're submerged in water completely, sound or not, that it might be was ok in about sounds faintly.
I thought because I a realistic graphics, precious, and I want you to take into account even the unnaturalness of detail in these.

・ When pulling from the top and Ely, invisible force, as contained in the arm.
It is not even a so much when lifting from the bottom someone, but could not feel and movement such as when you pull up from the top of the muscle outward feel the condition to put in force internal to the depiction to put the power of the other since, there was a slightly disappointing part.
Well, it may be that there is no help for it because it is game, but because the production stories and cinematic because they will be compared to such as the actual movie absolutely, details has become the mind.

- Is in the hospital just before the last, in a torrent of the old tunnel, way to jump to the duct from the container and the track is hard to understand.
It was a Nohinto is in the game after all, but according to the Q & A, such as a capture site, and the theory that " press the [×] button in a timely manner in the container end while holding down the [L2] button ", press the " [L2] button There was a theory and that " ( batter ) or press the button in a timely manner [△] when you fall from the container terminal while, but I think the former is to be correct personally. And ( it was not possible to confirm again so would have been auto save )
I think it's unkind or rather of that Nohinto Such an operation but had not been presented in the story up to this point, pride is bad... but. ( Acquaintance not move forward from there an hour or more actually, fell to torrent it is running, it seems to have been searching for that there is no mark of [△] button and looking at the wall and the bus fell into a torrent )

・ Similarly, the display of the [△] button is small scenes with handrail on the bus in the torrent ( ?) Breaks one after the other, I am hard to find.
I think everyone that not have to play in the big screen TV... but.
Because it goes to the next scene it is flowed eventually even without notice, it seems there is no problem even not be able to find, but this also Would not it be a little unkind ?

・ I think checkpoint pass and auto save is not to know the players or unkind.
We have also repeatedly retry when operating the Erie of winter, is caught time and again when you run from place to place the city of snowstorm, but can be resumed from where the unexpected, and that I moved on unintentionally sometimes, it feels like there is a portion that is not played, there was dissatisfaction.

・ It was dissatisfaction when performing an act or NPC partners, such as hide and escape, it does not seem to be paying attention to, such as sound.
It seems unnatural fugitive of Marlene appeared immediately after, when you get over the obstacle in front of the scene down the ladder, it make a sound Overcoming bother the location of the container, such as a container of paint. ( Sound, of course, traces of moving most recently than remain ?)
Also, after shaking off the pursuers in the high-rise building near Erie to climb the road collapsed, and climbing where a large flow of water dare It seems unnatural. ( It may because you are wet already, maybe just do not hesitate deliberately, but...)

・ When eavesdrop, do not you respond to sounds of the enemy who is in close distance, no matter how when I deviate even slightly from the area Is not it funny ?
In the emergency stairs on the left side of the looked like building a bookstore of checkpoint near, even though he is an enemy near the entrance of the stairs on, no whatsoever reaction even put up a ears in the stairs the way, but it made a ears when I wear climbing the stairs I think reaction was when 's so come back and funny.
I think for the reaction to hear, and is valid outside the area of ears that are considered part of the building, that it might be not be obtained whatsoever reaction from one floor of the same building, but the sound realistic it seems unnatural compared to the kind of physician and signs.

・ When defeated by striking weapon and fighting the enemy, the enemy who is in a position away is to migrate immediately to alert it Would not it be unnatural ?
The second floor of the hotel, in an area where there are enemy survivors on the third floor part, vision I know blocked by a wall, from immediately after defeat in striking weapon enemies, enemies other survivors is reflected in the search operation mode, debt it seemed unnatural to have come gather one after another to the place of the enemy was.
At the very least, and I know when prompted to alert enemy Defeated have been found, other enemies you are within the range warning reach If the warning, but to the enemy that distant relatively flooded the things to come, it seemed funny to think realistically.

・ Depiction of shadow I generally clean, but there is a place that looks strange when you aware of some light source.
Shadow of Bill Joel and you hold down the car when you escape the town of buildings, considering the influence of the setting sun as a light source, I think the color is too dark a little will the shadows are reflected in the car.
In addition, just before the encounter with Henry who, since the shadow of the feet when walking the edge of the building, is drawn away from directly under the foot, it appears to be floating in the air a little.

・ I wanted to process the ambiguously available number of striking weapon or knife.
I think that is not busy and tight that it may not break broken or with a probability if the remaining number of times is not left one, only two times in normal use at the time, when it did not enjoy in the real. ( Also knife that can only be used once early, and there are times when it is not broken in probability )
Even striking weapon or knife, being treated like a pistol have precise remaining number of bullets it Would not it be somewhat contrived. Is not a gauge with a separator, it is displayed as a gauge of one, such as have a number inside, decrease value as determined by the situation of the use of use or application, or use twice " after the player side it wanted a sense of tension to the ambiguity of the number of uses, such as " or not has only once.
In addition, it did not Shakuzento If you use to fight back even once the available knife several times, it is not can be used to open key.

・ About Skins after clearing bonus, preview function I wanted.
In addition playing only to not switch, even if you want to switch multiple skins, and from being loaded from the checkpoint every time you switch one is troublesome, and those you love if you do not like because there is no preview function above all of that must be repeated load from a checkpoint until you find may or would not be unkind ?

・ When a three- floor of the house that there is a sniper hand, you move squatting to near a window in the rear when it is fully ascended the stairs, and window frame goes away after you shake from side to side point of view.
It is a scene going down from behind their colleagues and snipers to take another action and Henry who.
Since the disappearance of objects at close range, far these can be seen in many places, I received the impression that has been compromised by a small part story graphics and high- precision long-awaited.

・ Get the number of collection items does not change even after repeated play.
It was cleared Intermediate, Intermediate +, survival, survival +, but get the number of collectibles [bonus] menu does not change from 141/145.
It is possible to get a collection from all of these procedures have been performed in the chapter menu.
It was in the mood you have been played, it is that there is a collectible that does not appear every time you play.
When you play to take over the data after clearing is in the backpack inside collectibles you Shide last time, there seems to be a collection products which do not appear in the case.
There was that when you play survival, the survival +, tag comics and can not find some, but I think a bug?

・ Voice of the enemy seemed to be looking for Erie instead of Joel in the medical facility.
Also, even though the fighting Joel is Firefly to help Erie during surgery in a medical facility, says the words defeat the scene to be such a "Meg and go to that kid where" in the voice of the enemy.

・ tutorials and operations part that is different from the main volume and rules of online game, such as the features I wanted.
I think it may be that a spirit of "practice makes perfect", but beginner Just because we hunted to those skilled in less gibberish, the need for description was tight again.
It might because the Japanese version, but ... there was no description of the small online game manual.

・ I feel like there is a difference between the ability a person skilled in the online game.
It began recently online but do not matched with people of a similar level.
Long a person of ordinary skill in playing time is coming and attacking flamethrower with straight to the place where beginners are picking up the resources, but a red card in one shot as well as Molotov cocktails aside, it is too strong.
You lose to the skilled artisan even beat about to come before the case of fisticuffs, and a shootout with a gun even though shooting earlier, this place will fall earlier still.
It may be the difference of equipment skills, but I wanted you to balance, such as enjoy a beginner.
I think a mixed team of two -digit and one digit, in the mixed team of two -digit and three -digit addition to the operational skill of the player, whether not there is also a performance difference of character play week number in the game.
And I want a countermeasure for many weeks, such as whether the elapsed in the game and the total number of equipment point, time to revive and defense force changes, or to balance something.

・ If there are vacancies in the team, I want you to do some adjustment in order to establish the game.
Or when there is a vacancy in the team round at the start, such as when the vacancy left by withdrawal in the middle of it 's not even been hit, with a little number of people clearly becomes a disadvantage, I want you to do something balance adjustment.

・ Mission is difficult.
The players hacker just starting an online game, the achievement of the mission is difficult.
Can not be achieved easily even choose from a simple look as much as possible.
In addition, if a particular skill necessary to achieve the mission, I wanted to display the mission selected from the following description.

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Re: For " The Last of Us ".

Jan 4, 2014

I read half this post, and I'm not sure what you're talking about.  Did you get the japanese version of The Last of Us?

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Re: For " The Last of Us ".

Jan 4, 2014
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Re: For " The Last of Us ".

Jan 4, 2014

sweetcastlemagic wrote:

I read half this post, and I'm not sure what you're talking about.  Did you get the japanese version of The Last of Us?

It seems like the OP IS Japanese. He apoligizes in advance for any broken grammar.


It sounds like the Japanese version has similar glitches, maybe more, as the NTSC version.

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what did I just read...Smiley Indifferent

well attempted to read at least

Capture the Ellie game know put her in your backpack and stuff
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