Jun 18 2013
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Fix (kinda) for the crashing problem (minor spoilers)!

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So I know a lot of people are experiencing an issue with TLOU where it will crash your PS3 at certain points in the game. Well I know for sure that it is a problem with the game and not your system. But if your game is crashing at the same point mine was, I do have a fix.


My game started crashing after Joel falls down the elevator shaft and he needs to open a door with a keycard. As soon as I got to the door and tried swiping the card, my PS3 would shut off. If you're experiencing this issue in the same area of the game, here's something you can try if you haven't already.


What you need to do is turn on the generator BEFORE trying to use the keycard on the door. For some reason, if you try to open the door before turning on the generator, the game crashes. I know it sounds really simple, but I don't want to spoil too much about the game. If you need more help on where the generator is and what to expect after you turn it on you can message me.


I figured I'd post something because I know Naughty Dog has been silent on this issue. Hopefully it helps someone continue to enjoy this incredible game, and maybe Naughty Dog can use this info to find out what's causing the problem.

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