Jul 31 2013
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Factions Bugs/Flaws/Suggestions

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I love Factions but it is often made more difficult at times than it should be because of some flaws or I feel thoughtlessness in the programing. Here are my issues I would love to see fixed if possible. 

1. (This scenario frequently occus) I go to shiv someone who happens to be next to a supply box or downed opponent and rather then shiv my character attempts to open the supply box or execute the downed opponent, thereby leaving me open to attack. THE DEFAULT ACTION IN THIS SCENARIO SHOULD ALWAYS BE FOR THE SHIV.


2. I think that when I press the sprint button it should automatically take me out of 'crouch walk mode' and into sprint in one action without me having to stand up and then sprint in two different actions.


3. The quick-turn feature would be nice as in the story mode or the ability to increase the camera speed which right now even at its highest is painfully slow.


4. Finally - Im not sure if it is a latency issure or what but more often then not when I go to melee someone, even though I swing first they beat me to the hit. This does not happen when I find a 'close match' during game search. But I almost never find a close match. So I am always at a disadvantage, Isn't there someway to compensate for the differential in where people are playing from?

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