May 12 2014
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Disconnecting issues since update.

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Bought the game when it first came out, played multiplayer for a very long time.

Never an issue with disconnecting or white plug icon ever. Always smooth.

Grounded came out, bought the season pass, and now it seems that nearly every round I'm getting booted, kicked, disconnected, now it doesn't even tell me a reason. Just shows the white plug for a split second then poof, no.matter the game mode.

- 2mbps download
- 1mpbs upload.

A bit low but not the worst and again, it was never a oroblem before until the grounded uupdate. I've tried enabling UpnP and still nothing.

I prefer this game over Battlefield or Call of Duty, the only game I play other than Dark Souls 2.

Please, tell me at least that this is an acknowledged issue.
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First Son
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Re: Disconnecting issues since update.

May 12, 2014
I actually noticed this to,. Im so sick of that D/C plug my character freeves while everyone else is fine shooting me down dead then the D/C plug goes away intill I start to try n kill somebidy again/// I have become Very Dissapointed with this update
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