May 18 2014
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DLC impossible becomes possible

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New weapons -automatic machine gun should be banned from online. I do not know who in Naughty Dog had that brilliant idea to give that kind of weapon to people. Whoever has that gun kills you within a one milion of a second before you even think of shooting. There is no fair play. It doesn't matter how many bombs or coctails you have on you, you will never have the chance to throw it.

Also, the latest DLC is so bugged, that I am being killed through the walls, the guy who sits in the middle of my molotow coctail burning does not burn and on top of that he is the one to kill me with one hit of ismagical  steel fist.My smoke bombs stun me, but not my enemyeven if they explode a 100 metres away from me and my nail bombs do not kill or stun enemies, they just kill ME magically.  I cannot hit thhe guys vest with a shotgun with 4 shots from a 1 meter away and he will destory my vest and kill me in the same with one hit of the bow-not even pointing it at me!!!! Is that what would happen in a real life, seriously???????? Before that DLC it was ok to play, but now it's just become unreal. . Buying DLC was a complete waste of my money. I know nobody cares-I spent that money already, cannot get it back. At least I know I won't buy anything form Naughty Dog ever again.


Naughty Dog-Thanks for screwing such a good online up

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Re: DLC impossible becomes possible

May 18, 2014
So you think the assault rifle is OP? You know, the thing that's been in the game since launch?

And the rest of your post is lag related.


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