Jul 10 2013
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Create an Optional Conversation

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Alright, since I liked the optional conversations in The Last of Us and I haven't seen any thread about creating your own kind of such, I decided to make one.

So, go ahead and design your own conversations. The tone of it can be anything you want, humoristic, somber, etc. etc.

(chats that are not triggered with Triangle are alright too) Smiley Wink

It doesn't have to be Joel/Ellie conversation, you can use the side characters too if you want.




*upon seeing a derailed train*


Ellie: "What's this?"


Joel: "This right here is a steam train."


Ellie: "A steam train? You'd put water in there and it'd work like gas?"


Joel: *chuckles* "Yeah, that's pretty well said, though it's a bit different to it."


Ellie: "Man, the technology in your time was great."


Joel: "Actually, this was more used like a century before me."


Ellie: "Oh. I bet you had flying cars then."


Joel: "Not really... we had magnetic trains, though. We always imagined that in 20 years flying cars would be real... turned out to be a bit different, huh?"


Ellie: "Hmh, yeah. Tell me about it."





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Re: Create an Optional Conversation

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Jul 10, 2013



After Giraffe scene.


Joel: "Alright Ellie lets go."


Ellie: "Ok.."


*Both walk away*


*Joel stops* "I... have an idea.."


Ellie: "What is it... Wait What Are DOING?!"


Joel: "Yeeehaawww!!"


Im in a random mood sorry xD

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Re: Create an Optional Conversation

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Jul 10, 2013

(*SPOILERS* This is after David and right on the area after it.)


Ellie: *looking at deer carving on wall*


Joel: Ellie!


Ellie: What!?


Joel: I've been trying to get your attention for the past minute, what's wrong?


Ellie: It's just.. I was looking at that deer and it reminded me of David. 


Joel: *sigh* You don't think that was your fault, do you?


Ellie: I go back and forth between it was my fault and it wasn't but-


Joel: Ellie, you have to understand it wan't your fault; you had no idea that deer would lead to David and then everything that happend would-


Ellie: I know! It's just.. sometimes I wish I'd never turn around and see that thing and would've just left with the rabbit..


Ellie:Hey, Joel uh.. what'd you say to me after I uh.. *looks down at the ground* killed david..? 


Joel: I ugh.. let's keep moving...

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