Mar 29 2014
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Connection / Ping Question - Has this Happen To you?

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Hi guys, my apologies in advance if this is in some other topic. This started to happen to me just last tuesday. I'm obssesed wyth havng a good conection, so i'm constantly running speed tests and my ping is everytime 20ms.


All of the sudden, i start getting this pings of 1000, 15000, 2000, 3000 but ONLY when i'm playing TLOU online, like when I'm in the Lobby the connection is good, searching for a match, loading the match.. all Aces... Right when the game actually starts i start getting those really wierd pings... i get out of the current game, back to the menu (without closing the game or turning the ps3 off) and i start getting the 20ms pings again.


Any ideas? I've been playing the game since June and this is the first time this happens.



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Re: Connection / Ping Question - Has this Happen To you?

Mar 29, 2014

Hi everybody. After doing tests all night long, i tried several other games in both the ps3 and the ps4 and this happens ONLY with the last of us.


Also u tried

- Wireless: it is what i usually use and it fails.

- Wired to the router: Failes the same as the wireless.

- Wired directly to the cable modem: Seemed to be working fine.


So it seems like the problem is the router, but for some reason thsi starting happening this week. Any ideas? Any "special"configuracion you recommend for the router?




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