Jun 20 2013
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Clicker Strategy Questions

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Best way to deal with most stuff in the game is through stealth, I know, but when a Clicker goes in a frenzy I find it to be the hardest part of the game.


First off, I know a Clicker takes more shots to die, is immune to headshots, and only reacts to movement and sound.  So long as you use stealth, you'll be fine.


Now my questions: a Clicker has a one-hit kill on Joel, but this can be countered as long as you have a shiv, correct?  Do stealth attacks only work with shivs or can you strangle them?


Any other useful tactics are appreaciated.  I had a lot trouble in the game with Clickers at first, but I got better.

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Re: Clicker Strategy Questions

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Jun 20, 2013

You have to have a Shiv. (when u upgrade the shivs you basically dont have to worry about them anymore.)


well, with Ellie I could throw a brick or bottle against there "face" and then knife it. I never tried it with Joel though.


If they do get frenzied run away from them and get some distance. They will go quiet again


Have fun.



Btw. sometimes when throwing something they all go to that spot (if there are more in an area). Do that and then throw a molotov. Fun times.

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Re: Clicker Strategy Questions

Jun 20, 2013
  1. Stealth grab + Shiv
  2. Melee weapon - can catch them running if you swing it early enough
  3. Shotgun/Shorty - One/Two hit kill, if fired from right distance
  4. Counter grab that costs 75 "pills" and requires a shiv, triggered by pressing triangle when grabbed
  5. Bottle/brick stun and then follow up with melee weapon/gun, sometimes need just one good melee hit this way.
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