Jun 21 2013
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Bugs/Problems/Changes Thread

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Ima get right to the point:

1. Headshots need to be one shot kill and if not the least you can do is make them take 75% health away from you.

2. Leaderboards need to be fixed. First off we all know its not possible to have 301 survivors at any point in your 12 weeks but if you can then damm, Congratulations. Second of all for any gamemode make it a requirement to have at least played 4 hours before registering your score. I mainly play Survival and I'm ranked in the 30,000's but I know for a fact that If those people that are up there were to be removed I would definetly be in top 10,000.

3. I know people want dinosaur heads, monkey heads, etc for future DLC but this ain't Uncharted. If your going to put extra content make sure it fits the game. I understand there is a few haha moments in this game and it is fun but overall it's a survival game so we need more serious DLC kind of like what you have right now. (Hats,Masks)

4. Can you guys please add a more visual system for the ranking system. Like seriously we all kind of know how it works but it would be nice if we could see exactly what we are doing and how we are achieving it.

5. This is speaking for other people please make it have unlockables because Ive heard that when you get to Rank 20ish you basically allready did everything and have everything.

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