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Re: Bring The Last Of Us Post Pandemic Edition to EUROPE!

Mar 28, 2013

For those interested, whoever is in charge of making exclusives and what have you gave incorrect information if not blatantly lied about the exclusivity


The statue in PPE is available for sale by itself from


And it looks like PPE will be coming to asia at the very least


While the above link is relatively sketchy in nature, I have heard rumors that several distributors in signapore will be getting PPE


And I find this thread quite funny as I am a collector and a fellow german collector was telling me how funny he found Americans who complained that Assassin's Creed Revelations had no NTSC CE release were. That Europeans would never complain about not getting a CE in that same fashion


I for one would be upset if my region didn't get a CE but it is certainly up to the region in question as to what CE to offer


And Europe does certainly get better CE's.


Compare the US Uncharted 3 CE and the explorer edition. Nuff' Said

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Re: Bring The Last Of Us Post Pandemic Edition to EUROPE!

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Mar 29, 2013

That's great news that another region is able to get the PPE and the UK can get the statue! For those that aren't in either region, I guess your best bet is to import it (it may cost more, but it's worth it). I had the collector's editions of Heavy Rain and Assassin's Creed Brotherhood imported (both came from the UK), and glad I did so.


and yes, the UK usually get the BEST collector's editions! #Fact

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