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Re: Bitter sweet ending (spoilers)

Jul 12, 2013

Well, sorry for performing a bump, but I just found out something from the game (valid proof (to an extent))... thought I'd bump a thread instead of creating another.


So, you guys are saying about how Ellie would've wanted to die for the cure because of survivor's guilt and so on? Yeah? Well...




(spoilers... even if the thread title talks about the ending, I'll just say spoilers in case.)
 the University-level near the end of Fall, after you get inside the science building, you can go to a room, which triggers a discussion:



Ellie: "You think it'll hurt?"


Joel: "What?"


Ellie: "Taking the cure from me. You think it'll hurt?"


Joel: "Nah, they're probably gonna just... take some blood, that's all. It won't hurt."


While not being exceptionally valid proof, but proof to an extent that Ellie didn't know about the surgery/she would die in the first place. It also took place after the deaths of Sam and Tess (and Riley), which were the main topic of Ellie's "rant" in the ending.


Just saying.


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Re: Bitter sweet ending (spoilers)

Jul 12, 2013
I agree that Ellie didnt know they were going to kill her......neither did Joel. He was surprised and furious with their decision and so he rescued her. Marlene says that Ellie would give her life for this and Joel thinks about it and seems to agree that Ellie may possibly choose to die for it but then decides that A) The Fireflies never even gave her the option of making that choice and B) her life (not what she means for him but her life period) is more precious than the possibility (remember possibility its a chance not a guarantee) that they will find a cure/vaccine.

I think in some ways ppl dont give Joel as much credit as he deserves and say he was completely selfish in everything he did. But I dont see it that way. He was selfless in his rescue of Ellie. He was selfish in his lie he told Ellie but his reasoning for saving Ellie was not selfish. He does not save Ellie for himself...he saved Ellie because Ellie is precious and he was willing to risk everything he had to save her.
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Re: Bitter sweet ending (spoilers)

Jul 12, 2013
My "Okay" theory:
In the first place. Why Ellie began to talk about his best friend? About Tess and Sam? She said that they all had left her, they died. She wanted to confess to Joel in her main fear - fear to lose Joel.
But Joel did not understand what she meant. Ellie: "No, you don't understand"
Ellie wanted to protect Joel. Protect him from deadly bites of infected. The vaccine was the chance to Ellie to rid fear - losing Joel, as like she lost others who she loved. Joel is the only close man who remain in the world for Ellie.

Did she asked him to swear, to be sure that now there are no chances to get a vaccine?
She already knew that Joel lied to her. It's not mean that Ellie know the truth, but she know that Joel lied.
When Ellie said "Okay" , she just took the lie. ( not believed, She's accepted it. it's different things).
Ellie accepted the lie because she loves Joel, as like doughter loves her own dad. And Ellie see, that Joel loves her too.
About blaming her own self : The forcing Joel give a false swear, she stopped blaming herself, something like: "I'm not my guilt, this is Joel's decide, I could't change anything"
(A new beginning) - name of the last OST in credits - I belive that it means a new life for Ellie and Joel.
It's pretty good ending for them, it's just need a little thinking, to understand that this ending is happy (For main characters)
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