Feb 16 2014
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Autosave bug still. The Slums.

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I'v just bought and istalled the last of us today, downloaded it thourgh PSN. 

I enjoyed it alot so far, but as soon as i get to the charpter "the slums" where you meet "Robert" for the first time, my game bugs out, first with the sound, and then the "famous" autosave bug apears, which means i cannot complete the charpter, since the level isnt fully loaded....


the only answer iv been able to find, is that "It was a server issue" and "it is fixed now" but why i'm i still gettin the bug then? as i said i just downloaded it from psn today!  16/05 2014! how can i still be effected by a bug that started almost one year ago and most importantly how do i fix it ?



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Re: Autosave bug still. The Slums.

Feb 16, 2014

Try deleting the game, and re-installing it. Hopefully that fixes it, but the digital version of The Last of Us has always had issues.

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Re: Autosave bug still. The Slums.

Feb 17, 2014

Thanks for the reply, i'm gonna try to see if that helps, wasn't aware that the digital version had issues, if i had known i would had bought the game on a dics : / no matter, i'm gonna report back if it solve the problem.

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