Jun 21 2013
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30 seconds into a game, I'm being kicked out.

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This just isn't funny. I've lost all my survivors and two of my one time boosters. The only thing that has changed since yesterday when the game was perfectly stable is the fact that I bought the season pass and installed it.


But literally, when the clock gets to 14:30 I get kicked out of the game. I'm really getting annoyed about it too because when it's functioning, I really enjoy this multiplayer.

Can someone please advise? I'm connected to the internet via wired connection, my internet service provider is PlusNet, I'm getting a download speed of 16.4MBps. Network pass and all the other good stuff is installed, game and PS3 are both upto date. I didn't get the glitchy PS3 firmware.


I'm really losing my temper.

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First Son
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Re: 30 seconds into a game, I'm being kicked out.

Jun 21, 2013

Wish I could help. I too am having issues today however. I have been lagging in my last 4 games so I dont know if thats a hint that maybe their servers are acting up?


I know the frustration you feel, this game punishes you for bad hosting and its terribly annoying. The biggest challenge to reaching 100+ survivor customization items is not disconnecting or lagging during big events, which says a lot about the MP.

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