Apr 10 2014
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m.p. bugs and glitches with Last Of Us

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I've tried to call you guys,but it seems your ignoring me. I'm fed up with the crap in m.p. for last of us  you guys let happen. I have an issue now where I can't even use all my loadouts.It only gives me three to choose from. Also you guys need to fix the stick with no nails glitch. I have almost every match where the person who kills me hits me with their has no nails but it takes me down with one hit. Also I notice when I go for headshots with the military sniper I hit them and it takes like three shots and sometimes they dont go down. I'm fed up with trying to call sony to get through to you guys. I'm tired of every patch you guys do you screw something else up. You need to go online and get involved with the matches to see whats happening or dont you care anymore. I'd like to hear from you by phone I left a message on your hotline that I actually found,after several days looking online.Incase anybody else has problems with any issues heres the number to call for naughty dog (310)633-9100. It is the number thats all to date as of 4/10/14.Because if I dont see any issues being resolved from you, you can bet when I switch to ps4 I'm not buying anymore of your games because you obviously dont bother listening to your customers.

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