Jul 24 2013
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Reached 99% and it crashed (spoiler)

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I've recovered the girl from hospital but when running out game seemed to have a breakdown-some areas of the scenario went black (ie like the graphics for the part of the screen wasn't finished). It then crashed.
Now re-trying to load:
-initially the ps3 didn't recognise the game disk
-now it recognises it, when trying to load my last saves game I'm left on the loading screen at about 91.14% loading. I wait and wait but nothing.

I had thought when the problems first occurred it was hot here so thought it was overheating (though ps3 felt fine). But still getting issues when it's another day and only turned on.

I had back the ps3 to default settings but this problem continues. Please help



Region of the disc you are using - UK (region 2)

Type of system - fatty original 40gb model

original harddrive or replacement HDD - I replaced with a 500gb drive (not sure of the model) but don't experience issues with anything else on system (other than regular 80028e01 / 80710102 network issues) and a generally always on fan)

steps you took to resolve the issue (did you delete game data, reset the machine, clean anything, etc) - restarted, disk continually not recognised, so replaced with another DVD and it recoginsed it, evenutally I let it cool and last of us dvd was then recogised, but still couldn't load game (stuck on 'loading 9x.x %'). Completed the 'PS3 default settings' but still no joy

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Re: Reached 99% and it crashed (spoiler)

Jul 24, 2013
Delete all TLOU game data including any patches you may have downloaded. Keep the save games. Start the game and see if the problem occurs.

This is the 5th time I'm saying this to someone. Hopefully this fixes your problem.
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