Sep 13 2013
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Game Freeze - Tommy's Dam

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Bug: Every time within the dam that Tommy leads you to restart the electrical system you are able to move freely but everyone stands there.

System: 60gb Fatty with 1tb upgrade

Region: US - yes.

Workarounds: Yes. I tried wandering the map hoping for a 'line' where it would start the code to continue but everyone still stands there. I tried to beat Tommy to the overlook where he stops and stares at things but that didnt work either as the game has Tommy instantly block my path to the overlook. I have had the character stand by tommy for the last half hour with no reaction. When you try to load to the past encounter it goes to a black screen and does nothing until you quit the game then the PS3 does the triple beep and restarts.

Notes: (anything you think will help reproducing the issue)

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