Apr 30 2012
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Walking Dead

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This game is legitimately everything I could actually hope for in a true survival horror game!!!

For anyone who hasn't checked out the demo (or outright bought it yet)  Its from TellTaleGames (responsible for the last Sam&Max season) and it shows, but it also plays only a little like their prior games.  The graphics are a classy, cel-shaded comic book style, but still real enough for me.

Instead of wandering around blowing holes in zombies, you are in a more likely scenario of being unarmed, and (at first) alone, looking for some way to escape or fight.  Actuall zombie attacks are handled with a rightstick/d-pad action sequence, somewhat remenicent of concepts explored in Heavy Rain but with more actuall player control.  As an example, during the first attack, you will fall back and hit your head on a countertop.  Immediately after this you have to, through blurry and reeling eyes nonetheless, target the crawling zombie with the right stick and press down on the d-pad to kick it away and crawl to safety.

Top all of this off with a decision guided story for increased replay value and you have a good formula on your hands!  I can't WAIT for episode 2~!

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Re: Walking Dead

Aug 15, 2012

walking dead is awesome

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