Apr 26 2013
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Dead Island Riptide gripes

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Okay so we bought DIR day one like many others and the online side of things is bad unless you are actually playing with friends.
Yesterday I tried joining others for some zombie slaying and was constantly running into people who just sat there farming and duplicating weapons, so I just continued to play the game like normal by helping with side missions and guess where that got me... yes, kicked out of the room for no apparent reason. Kicking should be used as a grief system and not abused by someone who started up the room.

This game is one of those I was looking forward to; I am forced to play alone since split-screen isn't an option here and every other player I try to join simply kicks me out just cause they're either farming, boosting or just wanna play with friends and it ruins the online experience when I constantly have to sit through a 30+ seconds of a loading screen when I did nothing but try to play the game normally as it should be.

Patch the game up ASAP cause that's partly the reason we have this going on. All you did was copy and pasted the first game.
1. Weapon duplication glitch
2. Farming respawning mission items ie Pain killers, knives & canned food.
3. Public rooms should have a grief system, if you wanna simply play with your friends then keep it as a private room and not public so that you do not have to resort kicking other for no apparent reason.
3. Weapon durability: I understand that this can be upgraded but wow with as many zombies you have to constantly face in this one it'd be nice if weapon durability was balanced in accordance. A few strikes and the weapon is already dull or on the verge of becoming useless.

I would not recommend DIR to anyone unless you don't mind the few bugs or have friends to actually play online with. I'm starting to think the reason it has no split screen is cause they want people to buy multiple copies to boost sales. This game feels exactly like the last and I personally recommend waiting on either a price drop or wait till you can buy it used.
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Re: Dead Island Riptide gripes

Apr 26, 2013
The problem you are describing for online has to do with the people you entered the game with not the system. Also you can already set the rooms to private, it was their choice to keep it public. This doesn`t have to do with the online system, every game with online out that has these types of problems. (as in the way some people play the game.)

About respawning items, it was designed to be that way, it`s a way to get extra exp and stuff, and some extra money from respawning weapons. It`s a way to help people out. and is intentional.

I don`t have a problem with durability, they give you multiple slots for a reason, so you can use multiple weapons if one gets low, and there are plenty of workbenches around to repair them.

The way online works in this game is Co Op, that doesn`t mean you have to focus on story missions, if you are looking for certain goals your best bet is to make a thread looking for people to play with, and find people with a common goal for the game. I have been playing single player and am greatly enjoying this game, I find it is much improved over the first one.

The stuff you posted wasn`t really problems, except the weapon duplication glitch, the other stuff you complained about was intentional and apart of the system the game was based around.

I understand yoru fustration with wanting to play quests but other people don`t want to, but that`s the way co op games often work, unless you choose who you play with, you do not know who you are getting in a game with and what their objective is.
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Re: Dead Island Riptide gripes

Apr 26, 2013

I have played both Co-op and single player and have had no problems, Having a great time.

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Re: Dead Island Riptide gripes

Apr 27, 2013

Unfortunately there will be players out there who want to remain in control of their games. If you'd rather sit there duplicating weapons or selling stuff, or boosting then that's your business to play the game how you want. The first Dead Island is such a game that had certain exploits people took advantage of, and the second one is no different.


With seeking out random players to get a game with, you'll potentially come across people who don't won't you screwing around behind their backs by extracting the story before they can. It may be rude, but they do have every right to kick you from the game if they don't want you there. What you could do instead is create a thread about Dead Island: Riptide in the RPG section (this is actually not a survival-horror game) and ask for people to play the game with the way you want to, with story in mind.

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