Nov 27 2012
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DM Clan is taking over the Resident Evil Series, Dead Island Series and soon other games...

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We are planning to take over RE 6. Those love the RE series. Our clan is planning to take over the entire series of Resident Evil. Yeah, it wont be a 4 co-op, but Resident Evil ORC was the ground where our clan was created, so is only natural that its production takes over the all ground. Now, we don’t only do Resident Evil series, but for those lovers of the undead, we just recently voted Dead Island as our next hit. We choose a game every year. We are two people that choose the game, but is up to you to vote, which game will be the next target of DM. Now, this doesn’t mean we are going to leave our resident evil. Instead we play all the games we are voting out and making them our terrain. Unfortunately, there is not a stable clan in RE ORC, that is a challenge to us. Most of the clans say they are clans of that game, but their activity says the contrary. Our clan is extending, but we are not going to leave our roots behind. We always play the games we were born from and make others know about us.



Mostly all of DM members are Resident Evil fans, and other are undead fans. Many of them have crazy ideas, and we all like to hear your ideas, but try to don’t make it negative. So, I’m looking for members for now. Your membership with time and activity will evolve to the next level or to a higher one, depends on how you contribute in the clan. Yes, we do have ranks. The gamer rank starts from rookies to Leader. Now, there will be a leader for each brand, meaning Resident Evil, Dead Island and soon other games. But to be leader you must be the best, skills, tactics, agility, everything should point you as the best to lead that brand. Now there is another type of ranks that maintain the power in our group in balance, but that rank list is private. Its only given to those who contribute to much in our group. Re 6, is more like a 2 co-op, we understand, but we can all pair up. I mean this doesn’t have to be the reason, to ruin the fun and the adventure. Plus, getting to know new comrades. Our group was born this year, so yeah you can say its still in that state of infancy. But I know with a little of effort and time, this group will grow up to be, to one of those that are known by many and have being rewarded for that passion they have and posted in original website like Bandai and other industries of gamers. If you're interested, please click the link below. It will lead you to our groups page. Now, i know most of us are not fans of facebook, i am not myself, but this is a temporarily place for our HQ. We will soon have our own website. If ou could just please be with us , until we depart from FB, we will be grateful. Oh, i almost forgot. We are also looking for XBOX 360 GAMERS. Not only PS3, but XBOX 360 as well. We have a separate ranking for our XBOX 360 Foundation.



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