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May 20 2012
By: Adriane First Son 15 posts

My Trophies aren't registering!!!!!

0 replies 29 views Edited May 20, 2012

It started last night when I was finishing the Assassin's Creed Revelations Lost Archive DLC. I was going for the "Find All Pieces" and "Breaking the Loop" trophies. I finished all the rquirements for both, but I didn't get either trophy. I've been burned by glitchy Ubisoft games in the past, so I just figured it was something specific to Revelations and called it a night.

Today, I decided to go for my first platinum with L.A. Noire. I just found the 50th gold film reel for the "Hollywoodland" trophy, and the trophy didn't register again. WTF!

Has anyone experienced this before? Is there something I can do to fix this?

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