Aug 05 2012
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Hacks gone wild on MW2 is 3 Next?

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I love the fix's for the hacking problem it works perfectly.....NOT fix the dang problem cause more and more hackers are being made everyday, I dont understand how a CONSOLE game for internet can have hacks even invented for it, But its mostly just glitchs in your own games.. Tbh I say Take the network down again. FIX the **bleep** problem, And then put it up. Dont put it up sayin its fixxed and then allow your economy to find out its not, You want more people to go to that crappy **bleep** Xbox? Seriously? I am being for real, I havent played Mw2 in like forever, and now that I just got a new Ps3 I'm welcomed back by game after game of hackers. And I mean seriously. Its like a 1 outta 10 chance to get a fair fun game now. I have like 2 fair games a day. 24 hrs for 2 games?? Come on -.-

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Re: Hacks gone wild on MW2 is 3 Next?

Aug 5, 2012

Do you feel better and smarter now? Good. Now as you should know, being a big fan of the game as you are, MW2 is an Infinity Ward developed video game published by Activision. SONY has nothing to do with the game's development nor the publishing.


So yeah,

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