Aug 07 2012
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Can be changed Country of the Playstation Network Account??

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It is that I live in Colombia and the account I have from 2007 that is when I buy a Playstation 3, in that time alone was the choice of USA and CANADA, but with globalization, I see that Colombia is a choice is that I want to buy PLUS with my credit card, but I can not because the country I have in mind is USA, that you can do it, the story of him not, I think, you should also let you change the country where you live, because it is possible to change me and that country to be creating accounts do not hold on, now, I have 10 dollars of funds, can please change my country and region of my account to purchase games and PLUS with my card.


Thank you.

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Re: Can be changed Country of the Playstation Network Account??

Aug 7, 2012

You cannot change your account's region. [change it from USA to Colombia] The one option you have is to create a new PSN account for Colombia. The reason one cannot change region is due to content regulation laws. For example, there are plenty of US PSN store content that is not available in the Colombia PSN store. These restrictions varies by country, market & lawyers :smileyfrustrated:


With that said, if you create a PSN Colombian account:

  • Trophies are tied to their PSN account. The trophies you've earned under your US account will stay with that account.
  • Content that is US Only will only work with the US PSN account.
  • All PSN DLC content that you have got under the US account can only be re-downloaded from that account.
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