Aug 13 2012
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THANK YOU SONY !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thank you for not letting LBI have official blue servers like we had in WH . Today , twice I got a reminder of how great it is when the fun of playing a game depends on someone you have never meet and being kicked out of a round because that same person has decided that you had no right to play even though I paid over 60 dollars for the right to play the game . After finishing a zone round where the other team including the host had at least 5 more guys than us and still managing to get over 6000 points ( second top scorer overall ) , I managed to play for 5 seconds before the host on the other team kicked me out the round probably thinking that scoring that high even with less players in my team , this new round with even numbers he was going to get his **bleep** kicked if I stayed . So here I was , kicked out of a round only because the host didn't want to face a good zone player , so once again Sony thank you for not allowing fair servers where no one can kick anyone and everybody plays with the same rules .

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