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What Dylan Jobe Said

by Starhawk Community Manager ‎05-29-2012 10:40 AM - edited ‎07-11-2012 04:16 PM




Who is Dylan Jobe? If you don't know by now, then you've certainly been trapped under a bunch of rocks on Planet Dust. He is your Captain, he is THE MAN, he is the President of LightBox Interactive - the headhoncho of the Starhawk Enterprise. Dylan Jobe is the leader of Starhawk.


If you haven't been following @DylanJobe on Twitter, you absolutely should right now. He has been tweeting like a mad-man (in a good way) and loves replying back to the Warheads. Whether its technical help, game tips, or support updates, Dylan's got the Starhawk tidbits you need to be following. Here are some of his latest tweets you may not have read:



  • @Ultimategodhero yup! A tweak to the Flak Cannon is planned for the next game balance update!

  • @sioconnor we don't have any current plans for a PSvita #Starhawk.

  • Congratulations to Clan Terror Squad for winning the most recent @UrgentFury #Starhawk tourney!!

  • @Hayabusaman_PI a very small % of players hit the cap whiched forced us to accelerate the development of our Prestige Levels :-0

  • @KoingWolf OX Tanks now cost 4 Rift and in our playtests this increased cost helps lengthen the time.

  • @DeadSpider We're actually thinking about doing a test where the "kick" option is removed now that the complaint system is coming online.

  • @THE__ISH Dive-bombing is *THE* anti-tank maneuver for sure! And that's intentional! Just saw the new tweaks to the #Starhawk Homing Missile -- I think you guys are going to be pretty happy :-) Playing some #Starhawk -- if you see me say hi! I'm playing as LBI_Dylan.

  • @APRyoki We currently do not support custom load-outs. We are focusing our efforts on core stability and balance issues right now.

  • @Starhawker_JT yes, custom music will be added in a future patch just like we did with Warhawk!




Be sure to follow your Captain @DylanJobe on Twitter for the latest hot-updates about Starhawk.

by Hekseville Citizen afk-12 Hekseville Citizen on ‎05-29-2012 10:46 AM

Awesome the first post that i've noticed where it was posted 4 minutes ago.

Anyway. Did I just read this "We're actually thinking about doing a test where the "kick" option is removed now that the complaint system is coming online."

Please just add a vote to kick option...

by PlayStation MVP PlayStation MVP on ‎05-29-2012 11:53 AM

What happens if you remove the kick and people go into servers and abuse the players? How will they be handled? Or people who cheat? What will happen to them?

Will we have to sit and take these people until the reports are settled? Make new rooms everytime one of these people come into the room?

No kick will cause a ton of trouble. These kinds of people will have a field day once they know they can do whatever they want with no problem.

If anything, hosts need a ban feature with the kick, not the kick taken away.

by Treasure Hunter batenswytch Treasure Hunter on ‎05-29-2012 12:06 PM

Please please please, for the love of all things, don't strip those of us striving to run reputable, regular servers of the ability to handle the a-holes that will inevitably come our way.  I understand the frustration of honest players getting kicked by dishonest hosts, but a true griefer is not going to simply leave a server host alone under the threat of being tattled on.  In fact, merely kicking them is just adding fuel to the fire.  A TRUE griefer will return kick after kick, and will harass to the point of the host having to shut down the server.

Taking the kick and ban options from hosts is like stripping a cop not only of his gun and/or tazer and/or pepper spray, but its like giving them a whistle with no ability to arrest anyone.  Those of us who work hard to have fun, well balanced, and full servers put a lot of effort into protecting our 'regulars', and to strip our ability to do this would be beyone problematic.

Lastly, I forsee such a large volume of 'reports', both real and bogus, that there will simply be no way to handle them all, and certainly not immediately.  Please don't strip us of a way to deal with profane language, harassment, intentional griefing, cheating, etc.

by Uncharted Territory StubbornPuppet on ‎05-29-2012 12:41 PM

Amen, Batens!

I believe there are multiple threads where people suggested that the game decide when a vote to kick option becomes active on a player.  The players don't necessarily have the option to initiate a vote to kick - rather the game automatically initiates a vote when things like the following happen:

A player:

team kills 3 or more times

reclaims 3 or more structures in 60 seconds

builds 4 or more of the same structure in 60 seconds

is inactive for more than 90 seconds

has a KDR lower than 1 - 15 or higher than 15 - 1


With that, there is no possibility of crummy hosts booting people for jerky reasons and nobody has to take valuable game time to pause, go to a menu, find the kick option, select the right player, confirm, exit that menu and finally unpause the game.  An option just comes up on the bottom of the screen to say, "press Select now to vote Yes to kick player "StubbornPuppet" from the game."

Then, that bans them from reentering that host for 60 minutes.

Eh, consider it... I think most folks in the beta discussions agreed that it would work pretty well.


by PlayStation MVP on ‎05-29-2012 12:46 PM

I do.....

by PlayStation MVP PlayStation MVP on ‎05-29-2012 12:53 PM

Dylan do NOT take out the kick function for server hosts please.  Instead, like you said, let users use the report function to make you aware of bad hosts.

You would be doing a HUGE disservice to all starhawkers who take pride in hosting clean, fun, and family friendly servers.

If you need more info see my PMs to LBI_Ron or check out the thread

by First Son Raonull on ‎05-29-2012 12:56 PM

These complaints are nothing compared to what I'm going through, at least you guys get to play the game! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take care of the slate screen bug, I CANNOT play the game anymore, it just won't allow me because it is blank EVERYTIME I try to go into multiplayer.

by Uncharted Territory StubbornPuppet on ‎05-29-2012 01:01 PM


You would be doing a HUGE disservice to all starhawkers who take pride in hosting clean, fun, and family friendly servers.

Oh man, no kidding.  I cannot stand being in a room where there is a mutant on the mic yelling racial slurs and obscenities (or whatever) the whole time.  It is just the most obnoxious thing ever.

I guess there does have to be some kind of option to initiate a vote... but maybe it can be an option for the host so they can set up the kind of games they want to play.  Something in the available matches menu could indicate publicly whether that feature was engaged.

by Treasure Hunter batenswytch Treasure Hunter on ‎05-29-2012 01:15 PM

There's aways the mute button - but lets be honest.... When I run a server in WH, and hopefully soon in SH, people see my name as the host and know what they get in my server.

I've had children so small on the mic you couldn't tell if boy or girl tell me their dad said my server would be a good one for them to play in because its safe...  Its a matter of reputation and not being able to IMMEDIATELY protect my players from jackwagons like Plymco encountered the other night (and oh wow, I forget his name in WH but not MJW - there's another guy still playing - that's just one racial slur and anti-Semitism and homophobic hate rant right after the other) would just be crazy.

The guy I reference plays officials only btw.  All we can do is mute him.  But were it my own server, it'd be insta-ban, no warnings, no second chances for that type of behavior.  I don't want to hear it, I don't want my own kids hearing it, I don't want others in my servers having to deal with people like him.

by Fender Bender dragoonrr on ‎05-29-2012 02:00 PM

hey @the__ish is me

im so proud

by Splicer mcstrm669 on ‎05-29-2012 02:24 PM

Yes use the mute button. Botton line right now 99% of the kicks are coward players in medium ranked servers kicking because they are outclassed by beast players. ARE YOU KIDDING ME STUBBORN PUPPET AUTOMATICALLY KICK A PLAYER 15-1 . YEAH PUNISH THE PLAYER WHO IS GIFTED.You sound like part of the problem to me , deciding if someone is too good to play in your server.  To remedy this like in warhawk there should be a minimum and maximum rank option built in to the server options. You should never punish someone because they are too good. There must be some policeing of the kick option if it stays in the game. Also kicking because someone reclaims  4or more items , are you aware of campers sitting at the home base just building excessively to get pointswhile the teammates trying to advance the teams position are left without support and a way to build needed items on the war front.? Sometimes reclaiming items is necessary especially when you have bad builder teammates.


by Uncharted Territory StubbornPuppet on ‎05-29-2012 02:40 PM

mcstrm669 wrote:

ARE YOU KIDDING ME STUBBORN PUPPET AUTOMATICALLY KICK A PLAYER 15-1 . YEAH PUNISH THE PLAYER WHO IS GIFTED.You sound like part of the problem to me , deciding if someone is too good to play in your server.

Sorry man, it was just a suggestion I remember reading from beta forum posts.  I would think the different options would be selectable when configuring the host options as to which rules were on and off.  Even then, it is a "Vote to Kick" option I'm discussing, so players could always vote NO.  Also, wouldn't it be my prerogative to decide what kind of server I want to host?  Players can always view which rules/options are active before joining a server... and choose to join one more to their liking.

Since there is no system for keeping the servers separated by rank, and I don't think Lightbox is going to build it in, "what option would you suggest for preventing the syndrome of new players or casual players getting raped so badly on multiplayer the first several times they try to play that they give up and sell the game?"  I just want the game to succeed in the long term and that is going to rely on new players enjoying the experience.

Anyhow, since I'm being attacked, I'll defend myself by saying that I've never attempted to boot any player from any game for any reason other than foul language, verbal abuse, completely ignorant behavior or cheating (by way of a modded console or such).  I can take a reaming with dignity, it's just a video game, so I would never vote to kick anyone for being better than me.  All of my suggestions are just that, "suggestions" - for the consideration of furthering a "discussion" on the discussions board.  I didn't mean to offend you.

by I Only Post Everything CrummySaint I Only Post Everything on ‎05-29-2012 02:44 PM

I don't wanna live on this planet anymore.

by Splicer mcstrm669 on ‎05-29-2012 03:14 PM

Sorry stubbornpuppet didnt mean to sound like i was attacking . I think a vote is a good idea but i think that would be hard to orchestrate in a heated game where people are focused on their individual gameplay. I wholeheartedly agree on automatic kick for idle players.LBI needs to implement a min and max rank option in server options like in warhawk to keep players from bailing this game .This was VERY effective in warhawk. You also wont find people in starhawk changing usernames to play in lower ranked servers thanks to the one time only online pass.

by Treasure Hunter batenswytch Treasure Hunter on ‎05-30-2012 10:03 AM

The online pass means nothing to alts.  Its good for every ID on your PS3, current or future.

Its just SONY's way of charging for online services without having to say its no longer free to use.

by Wastelander Jackatron Wastelander on ‎05-30-2012 10:34 AM

If they would feature a "vote kicking option" it will just be worse I've played MAG and players abuse the kick feature by a 10 fold. Having the kick button for those that are reasonable use it for a good reason.

I've been kicked so many times in the past on games that have that feature the only way they play clean is if you put strong and strict rule for auto kick,Example in warhawk a lot of people learn not to team kill from those strong reasons to be kicked by, so there wasn't any foul play in warhawk for that good amount of time.

In Starhawk if there is no kick button at all, it will be like letting lose the chains of the beast and ravage and play dirty. But if there is a complain options at least let it show up on there screen there eyes only if what there doing wrong like a warning saying "Watch you're language" something like that.

I really hate being kicked by a game I love to play though, if you guys make official servers then only auto kick is acceptable, but in Player host servers limit the kick in various ways or options reasons why there getting kicked from the server then that should give that player a reason why the player is kicked.

Alot of gamers when they are in a party in a group they encourage the host to kick anyone they want and kick him for a personal issue that is foul play and bad sportsmanship to kick anyone off just because a buddy suggested to kick him out of the server by his personal reasons, just suggesting some kind of reasonable limitations to the kick options.

by Lombax Warrior bloodydeckJr on ‎05-30-2012 02:43 PM

ill admit i kick though i only do this when say i set up a knife only server and other people use rockets or shottys ect. but i do agree that we need something i think setting up a kick system from starhawk would be great. sorry puppet but i think a kdr kick would be horrible i have freinds that get a kdr worse then 1-15 and i have gotton 25-0 on tdm and dm soooo i dont care for that. and i have been kicked for destroying the other team so i agree maybe you have to put in a reason for kicking like a complaint so it can be looked at by mods and still kick them? and i abosulty agree that servers should be ranked by level( only for joining  example im 250 xp from 35 and i join one that 34 is the highest aloud, i shouldnt be kicked once i level up) personally i dont join any games with a pie and i try and join ones with the red skull cause i feel guilty for base raveging new players but i know alot of people without my guilt so we definantly need something new

by First Son jozep69 First Son on ‎06-01-2012 06:59 AM

My favorite game.  I loved Warhawk, played the Beta and am still kicking ass on SH.  I see no other game which integrates the FPS and RTS elements so well.  Awesome job guys you made something great.

by Monster Hunter BigCee_N_TX1 Monster Hunter on ‎06-01-2012 02:27 PM

Well Mr. DJobe hasn't tweeted me back I'm feeling left out....pfffft lol

by Monster Hunter BigCee_N_TX1 Monster Hunter on ‎06-01-2012 02:28 PM

@ batenswytch....Hurry up and buy the game so I can talk smack to you lol

by Lombax Warrior NeroHeart Lombax Warrior on ‎06-01-2012 06:18 PM

They better not remove the kick option. If you are getting kicked, stop being a jerk or play on someone else's server.

by First Son jvallee25 on ‎06-06-2012 10:51 AM

Unfortunatley, the final decisionfor resolving this matter won't be  perfect it will have it's fault's. Currently mute addresses the verbal/racist language. The worst thing is, is that these fools who are being foolishing are ruining the experence for new fans of the series and might discourage them from continually playing and decreasing the fan base. All I can say is for those who are being abused hang in there, join a clan that (there are more good ones than bad ones). This is a great game and hopefully upcoming DLC will add even more greatness to this game.

I hate hearing people bashing noobs who are trying their best and are trying to learn... give them a chance and for you noobs, practice, practice and practice and own these jerks out on the maps. If your disatisfied with someone strategy i.e structure buildings, assault, defense, offense, get a mic and communicate.

Playing capture the flag and getting ready to take a flag, tell your team your making an attempt to cap the flag and need a structure down to spawn transport. Spawntransport and demolish your building(if you have time) if not the enemy will most likely will destroy it, trying to advance and want some building ask your defense to have a set limit of building for Defense. I know they won't always listen, but it's hard for everyone to be a leader, If it's bothering you that much set up clan battles than you know your team will listen. Hope to see you playing this game for many months, if not longer