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Jul 09 2008
By: Duvdar~ First Son 18 posts

Ps3 Leagues Is Born (Looking for Ncaa and Madden Members

1 replies 1 views Edited Jul 9, 2008 is now up and running. will run leagues in all sports games. We are currently taking signups for MLB the show, Madden, and Ncaa.


Soon we will begin leagues for NFL Head Coach, NHL2K, NBA2K, NHL 09, NBA Live, Tiger Woods and Many Many More..


Our mission is to provide the ps3 sports gamer with a mature, sim-style setting. A place where gamers can go and not have to worry about someone pulling the plug, using glitches, or being disrepectful.

So if your looking for an adult atmosphere with matue people who like to play for the friendship and not for winning and losing check us out.


Some of the features we have

* All leagues will be run with all the teams.

* Leagues play on the highest level in most cases.

* Realistic rules, but not to many to make your head explode

* Mature guidelines to cater to the adult gamer

* 24 hour phone support for when issues arise that need immediate attention

* A point system that allows all members to get a chance to play with good teams


All we ask of you is that you remain active in the forum, play your games on time, be respectful to others, and play within the spirit of the game.

So as of July 9th we are up and running and taking members. Come register and join our MLB, Ncaa, or Madden leagues now. Teams for these leagues are first come first server.



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First Son
Registered: 07/01/2008
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Re: Ps3 Leagues Is Born (Looking for Ncaa and Madden Members

Jul 11, 2008
Here is the latest so far.

In our first 36 hours being open here is what teams have been taken so far...

Our EA Live Madden League- Giants, Broncos, Panthers, 49ers, Cowboys, Patriots, Raiders, Eagles, Redskins, Bengals, Steelers, Colts, Dolphins, Saints, Ravens, Vikings, Bears, and Chargers. 18 down 14 to go.

Our League Daddy Madden League- Broncos, Vikings, Giants, and 49ers.. 4 down 28 to go. Seems people eager to try out the live online leagues. I am betting this will change closer to the game coming out.

Ncaa Dynasty League- Full now taking backups

40 Team Ncaa League Daddy League- Florida, North Carolina, Penn State, Usc, Rutgers, Clemson, Auburn, Illinois, Tennessee, and Florida State. 10 down 30 to go.

MLB the Show- Mets, Orioles, Phillies, Dodgers, Cubs, Yanks, Rays, and Red Sox. 8 down 22 to go

XBOX 360 HAS MANY MANY Sites Running multiple leagues. All with big numbers of SIM STYLE members. Why can't us ps3 users have the same? JOIN US AND WE WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN
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