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Re: Peyton Manning has Knee Surgery to Remove Infected Bursa Sac

Jul 16, 2008

Tyler4825 wrote:

VII Says Goodbye wrote:

Peyton Manning underwent surgery to remove an infected bursa sac and will be out 4-6 weeks, which will cause him to miss training camp and the bulk of, if not all of the preseason.


I'm concerned, but only if we're being led on in a similar situation that Marvin Harrison's injury being downplayed. If it's just an infected bursa sac and the rehab will be on schedule, I'm not terribly concerned beyond the fact that "Wait, our franchise just went under the knife seven weeks before the season starts..."


I just hope that's all it is. I expect big things this year, and I don't want to lose the one guy who we can't perform at any point between September 7 and February 1.

What is a bursa sac? - Easiest way to explain it is there


When they get infected, it's basically a form of arthritis.

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