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Re: Ocho Cinco is the MAN!

Jun 5, 2008

Peradox wrote:

PS2master4444 wrote:

Peradox wrote:

FuneralFog wrote:
he's overrated with a big mouth. Henry is better

he is still unemployed right? are you sure he is that good? I mean he spends more time with the police than with his team.


All talk but when he has to go to work he shows up, reminds me of Kobe wahhh I wanna get traded wahhh I can't win I wanna leave wahhhh.

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Henry was a great WR and could have been one of thebest, he just couldn't keep his **bleep** together. 

I agree with you he could have been such a waste of talent kinda like Pacman


Well they did come from the same College........
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