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Re: NCAA Football 2005 in stores tomorrow?

Jul 13, 2004
The game is a little bit better than last years. But last years game was great so that's either saying a little or alot depending on how you look at it(1/2full or 1/2 empty). The added hot routes are nice,the added D packages are nice too. Sadly the graphics are almost identical(we'll have to wait for Madden for that),except for maybe the stadiums and crowds(I want mine on the field TY). Being able to see where the D is rattled is really cool,especially in 3rd and longs. The kicking game still(and probably always) sucks IMO. The big hit(L2) is kinds nice and a little less risky than a dive tackle. Seeing user picks,user sacks,user catches and so forth is pretty cool too. The homefield advantage is somewhat cool,not a huge factor for me though. The camera shakes wierdly when the crowd gets loud during the pre-snap,but thankfully goes back to normal when you snap the ball. Thankfully you can turn the camera shake option off(I did quickly). Lot and lots off tipped balls in the secondary,almost too many. Haven't really seen the heave and catch like past installments,seems the passing game has really gotten down to timing moreso than before. Some great D animations playing against the pass too. Positioning is crucial to catching the ball,which is cool by me. All in all,a better game than last years,which in itself says something. When I get to the online portion I'll fill everyone in on that. Until then,happy balling.
I played 4 games in dynasty mode last night as my beloved Vols on all-american setting and blew out the teams I should of blown out,lost to the Gators in OT and barely squeaked by Auburn. It was great football fun,look for me online as SHO LEX for a straight up clean game of ball.

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