Jun 03 2008
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Just FYI, i didn't see anything like this up yet, so i took some time and threw together which will be dedicated to just HSG videos from fellow fans! There are quite a few different generic video sites with some HSG videos on them (google videos, youtube, etc.) but nothing i saw TRULY DEDICATED to the HSG enthusiast. So, i figured i could put something together.


I've started it with about 80-90 videos that span all of the series. So, feel free to check it out, by all means add videos you may have showing some killer shots, hole in ones, eagles, your personal game reviews....if i get enough reviews, i'll make a new category for them....


and by all means, please email me any and all suggestions. I'm still customizing it and adding features here and there, as the design is still rather generic, but its a start!


Thanx, and enjoy!

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