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Re: Floyd Mayweather Retires.

Jun 11, 2008

nastyglass wrote:
 these margito fans go hards,. lmao. Hey when margito get his back side stomped by M Cotto>  Call us  haters back ok, holla! And i know more about boxing than you do my friend , my grandfather  taught  hand to combat in the military , he has taught  some  pros or trained with them. So when  figure out that your the "don king " of boxing we gonna go all  differ on you ya digg!!  Boxing is about the money and the   heart to fight. No one want to get beat for free or love to  get hit in the face all night.   Boxing is a good sport  they pay better than mma.  Hey after you got a few  titles and wat not get that  big pay  day , nothing wrong with money,  even  M ali came back for the money  after he went broke> go  see if im lying

Not a Margarito fan.  I pay attention to all of boxing and I say HE should fight Mayweather, or maybe Cotto should.  If you know more about boxing, what is with all of these dumb replies?  Ya digg! Holla Back **bleep**.  Word ya digg! 

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