Jul 09 2008
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Blitz: The League II Screens

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Here are some screens from Blitz: The League II.


Personally I love the first one and played it a lot. Even though it doesn't have NFL players I stil it's a good football game that's fast paced and "different".

The screens don't look that different from Blitz I but I'm still excited for it.

Garnets 2003 12-1 NYS Runner Up
Garnets 2004 12-1 NYS Runner Up
Garnets 2005 12-0 NYS Champs
Garnets 2006 10-1 NYS Final Four
Garnets 2007 12-0 NYS Champs
Garnets 2008 13-0 NYS STATE CHAMPS
Garnets Past 6 Years 71-3
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