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Jun 3, 2008

warrior4449 wrote:

So I see you already bought into FIFA's crap. You seem to hate it here. 2 days later you just flip like that?


Anyway, this rule is racist. Sure, there should be more Brits in teams like Arsenal, but honestly, forcing it is just wrong. They're forcing managers to consider race. Tell me that's not racist. There's no way justifying it. 6+5=Racism

i understand what they are trying to do and i understand your view. as mentioned earlier in this thread, fifa is attacking this issue from the wrong angle. to me if their issue is that bigger clubs have the ability to simply buy all the big stars they need, then they should find a way to restrict their budgets or the amount that they are allowed to spend during the transfer period. i'm not too sure how those would work but it's just some ideas. on the other hand, if fifa'a issue is the development of british talent then they should find another way of encouraging premiership teams to include more british players in their lineups as opposed to forcing them to do it. one way is to maybe improve youth training facilities so that the young players that come out of these academies are actually could enough to play in the epl(once again, i'm not too sure how this would work). if fifa forces english clubs to include 6 british players in their lineup and these players are not of a high skill level, then the quality of english football could drop. or it would force the other five non-british players to carry their teams on their backs in order to keep the standard high.

great answer, just what i was going to say Smiley Tongue

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